Why Travel Insurance is Important, Know Every Important Issue


As summer vacation arrives, everybody starts planning to roam. You have to roam within the planning country or outside the country, you need to take care of all small things. It is often seen that getting rid of the train, getting lost or canceling and losing luggage is such problems that people have to get two to four. This makes our trip a bit of fun. However, if you take some precautions during this, then your journey can be pleasant. Travel insurance is a better solution of it. It keeps your special care. We will try to tell you about travel insurance in our news.

What is travel insurance?
Travel insurance is a special type of insurance that protects you during travel (inside or outside the country), having medical expenses, trip cancellation, loss of luggage, crash of flight or other damage. In such a way, travel insurance is a better option to avoid all the problems that may arise during the journey. Its not only protect you from all the troubles in the journey, but it also compensates for the damage caused by the problem happening on the way.

Do you need travel insurance?
If you are going to spend holidays in European countries or any other country, then it is important to get travel insurance for you. Such a cover is not required in the short domestic trip, but if you are going on a long tour, then the cover of theft and trip cancellation can be taken.

If your current medical insurance is also covered in treatment abroad, your baggage is insured during travel in home insurance and if you have a personal accidental cover, you need not to get travel insurance. But if you do not have all these insurance, then get travel insurance.

How much should cover?
If you think of the experts, it should be 4-8% of your travel cost. Insurance companies usually offer fixed options under many categories. It ranges from $ 15,000-5,000,000, depending on the travel period, benefits and travel related area.

When should I apply:
The application for extending the period of the travel insurance policy should be done before the expiry of coverage of the existing travel policy. Extension is better than 7-10 days before expiry of the existing policy term. Not only this, the policyholder can extend it even during the journey. For this, he will only need an internet connection.

Advantages of  Travel Insurance:

• If travel delays or cancel by flight delays, travel insurance proves to be helpful for you. Due to this delay, expenses incurred during this period, such as food and drink or hotel stay, are also covered.
• During travel, if your luggage is lost or stolen, insurance will still be helpful in covering it. Losing the bag is also included in it.
• If someone accidentally dies during the journey, in that situation, your family members will be helped by the coverage of the travel insurance policy.
• If a member becomes ill during travel or someone gets an accident then all the expenses of the hospital comes in the cover of travel insurance.

Types of Travel Insurance:

Domestic Travel Insurance: Domestic Travel Insurance offers financial assistance to its customer on any type of emergency such as accident, lost luggage or death.

International travel insurance: This insurance provides international convenience, such as losing your passport or other document at the time of your foreign travel, your plane gets hijacked, or any other kind of trouble during travel or accident occurs during travel But provides financial assistance for medical abroad.

Corporate Travel Insurance: It provides coverage to employees who go on a domestic trip or abroad.

Student Travel Insurance: Under this insurance, the students get benefit from those who go abroad for higher education. This policy provides coverage to those students who do professional courses abroad. At the same time, it also helps students with medical coverage, passport lost.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: Under Senior Citizen Travel Insurance, people from 61 years to 70 years of age receive the benefit of this travel insurance. The main purpose of this travel insurance is to make the visit of senior people happy, which includes medical treatment and cashless hospital facilities.

Family Travel Insurance: Family Travel Insurance covers the entire family. It provides convenience when any kind of emergency occurs during the journey. The whole family gets financial help in any trouble during the journey.


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