उत्तर के साथ सामाजिक विज्ञान सीटीईटी प्रश्न

Social Science CTET Question with Answer

Book Name : The Earth : Our Habitat

Q.1- What is celestial bodies?
Ans – The sun, the moon and all objects shinning in night in the sky are called celestial bodies.

Q.2- What is star?
Ans- Celestial bodies which have their own heat and light are called stars.

Q.3- What is constellation?
Ans- Various patterns formed by different groups of stars are called constellation.

Q.4- Write the name of some constellation?
Ans- Ursa Major or Big Bear is one such constellation and the most easily recognizable constellation is the small  bear or Saptrishi.

Q.5- What is Pole Star?
Ans– The North star indicates the north direction it is also called Pole Star.

Q.6- What is planets?
Ans- Some celestial bodies do not have their own heat and light these are called planets.

Q.7- How far away The sun is from the earth ?
Ans- T he sun is about 150 million km away from the earth.

Q.8- Where is the sun in the solar system ?
Ans- The sun is in the centre of the solar system.

Q.9- Who are astronomers?
Ans- Those who study the celestial bodies and their movements are called astronomers.

Q.10- Who is the famous astronomer of ancient India?
Ans- Aryabhata was the famous astronomer of ancient India.

Q.11- Which is the orbits?
Ans- All planets move around the sun in fixed paths these paths are called orbits.

Q.12- Which planet is considered as ‘Earth’s-twins’?
Ans- Venus is considered as ‘Earth’s-twins’ because its size and shape are very much similar to the earth.

Q.13-Why the earth is called blue planet?
Ans- The earth appears blue because its two-thirds surface is covered by water so the earth  called a blue planet.

Q14.-what is the name of earth’s satellite?
Ans-The moon is the earth’s only one satellite.

Q15.- How far away the moon is from the earth?
Ans- The moon is about 3,84,400 km away from the earth.

Q.16- Who was the first man reach on the moon?
Ans- Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon on 29 July 1969.

Q.17- What is asteroids?
Ans- Apart from the stars, planets and satellites. There are numerous tiny bodies which also  moved around the sun. These bodies are called asteroids.

Q.18- What is meteoroids?
Ans- The small pieces of rocks which move around the sun are called meteoroids.

Q.19- What is Galaxy?
Ans- Galaxy is a huge system of billions of stars and clouds of dust and gases

Q.20- What is universe?
Ans- There are millions of such galaxies that make the universe.


Tick the correct answer:

a- The planet known as the “Earth’s Twins” is
(i) Jupiter (ii) Saturn (iii) Venus
b- Which is the third nearest planet to the sun?
(i) Venus (ii) Earth (iii) Mercury
c- All the planets move around the sun in a
(i) Circular (ii) Rectangular (iii) Elongated path
d- The pole star indicates the direction to the
(i) South (ii) North (iii) East
e- Asteroids are found between the orbits of
(i) Saturn and Jupiter (ii) Mars and Jupiter (iii) The Earth and Mars

Ans-a-Venus b-Earth c-Elongated path d-North e-Mars and Jupiter

Fill in the blanks:

a-  A group of ———— forming various patterns is called a ———–
b-  A house system of stars is called ————
c-  ———– is the closest celestial body to our earth.
d-  ———– is the third nearest planet to the sun
e-  Planets do not have their own ———— and ———–

Ans- a- Stars, Constellation  b- Galaxy  c- The Moon d- Earth e- Heat, Light


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