Mid Day Meal (मिड डे मील)

Mid day Meal Scheme A very familiar Yojana in today’s time. Every child born after 1997 and studying in a government school would have taken advantage of it. But have we ever tried to know that this is mid day Meal Yojana? And what is our contribution in this scheme to protect our children from malnutrition. No, never mind, today we are going to share with you as much information about this scheme as could have been collected from us.

Mid Day Meal Yojana A Yojana run by the Government of India. This scheme was started in India on 15 August 1995. The goal of this Yojana was to motivate the children studying in government primary schools to get nutritious food and their parents to send the children to school. In its first phase, the scheme was launched in 2408 blocks ie blocks. And from April 2002, this scheme was given to all government primary schools i.e. schools where education from class 1 to class 5 is given to the children. Applied & applied &. After that it was implemented up to upper primary schools i.e. class 8.

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Benefits of Mid Day Meal Scheme

  • Mid-day Meal Yojana has proved to be a boon for those areas where hunger is paramount, ie those people who are looking for a meal to fill their stomachs throughout the day, who also put their children in jugaadi kamo to fill their stomach Were . Nowadays, they have started sending them to school, in the hope that at least one time they will get food from school
  • Since there is a provision within the Mid Day Meal Scheme, the child whose attendance will be 80% or more than 80%. He will be eligible to take advantage of this scheme for the next year. Due to this also children started coming to school regularly
  • Since earlier in rural areas and tribal areas, very few or no girls were sent to school, but after the operation of Mid day Meal Yojana, parents of children also started sending girls to school
  • There were some children in rural areas who used to cry a lot while going to school, but ever since their school started eating food under this scheme, they also started going to school comfortably without screaming.
  • Those children who could not get enough food at home due to poverty and their physical and physical development were not getting well, now they get enough food in school
  • Promotion of social harmony since Midday Meal Yojana means that all the children studying in a school, irrespective of their denomination, creed or caste, have to eat together. Which promotes social equality
  • Poor people, who do not know how many papad to be served to their child for one time meal, silently send their child to school, thinking that at least one time of food will be saved.
  • With the arrival of Mid day Meal Yojana, the participation of girls in schools has also increased, this means that people are now sending girls to school as well
  • Promotion of equal sex ratio among children studying in school, there has been no significant difference between the number of girls and boys in schools since the girls started coming to school
  • Due to this scheme, many positive habits are prevalent in children like washing hands before eating, washing hands after eating, cleaning their plates on their own, drinking clean water after eating, etc.

Objectives of Mid Day Meal Scheme

  • This scheme scheme aims at providing nutritious food to the children and empowering them mentally and enhancing their ability to get education
  • As the caste system prevails in far-flung rural areas in India, so the goal of Mid Day Meal Scheme is not to allow children to develop narrow ideologies like caste, untouchability
  • If there are two girls and a boy in a house, then in Indian rural society, the parents give priority to the study of the boy, so the scheme also aims to end gender discrimination in the name of studies.
  • As we have said in the above sentence. Due to Mid day Meal Yojana, the number of girls in schools has increased a lot, so the goal of this scheme is to increase the number of girls in schools
  • Now if more and more children are joining schools to take advantage of this scheme, the illiteracy rate will be lower so the goal of this scheme is to root out illiteracy, and also to increase the number of children in schools.
  • Earlier this Mid day Meal scheme was conducted for students from class 1 to class 5 but when it was seen that some parents are not sending their children to school to get education beyond class 5. So Yojana was operated for children up to class 8, which reduced the tendency of students to drop out of school, so the goal of this scheme is also to reduce the tendency of students to drop out of school
  • Protecting children from malnutrition by giving them nutritious food
  • Encouraging poor people to send their children to school

Guidelines of Mid Day Meal

  • Under this scheme, one of the teachers of the school has to taste the food of Mid day Meal. Apart from this, there can also be a parent or two, whether they are members of the School Management Committee or not, they also need to taste the food. After that the children have to get them bathed
  • To store food items, the Government of India has also mentioned a storage house with a kitchen & nbsp; so it is necessary to store the food items in the Store itself or any Headmaster’s house or the village head Storage of home foods should not be done
  • According to the Guidelines of Mid Day Meal Yojana, every child who studies in primary school should spend 3.86 paise a day on a mixture of lentils, rice, fruits, sweets, gas and all that is high. It is mandatory to spend Rs. 5.78 on studying in primary school.
  • Double fortified salt containing iodine and iron in abundance should be used while cooking
  • If a child worsens due to eating Mid Day Meal, the first responsibility of the school headmaster is to give information to the District Education Officer / District Health Officer or District Magistrate.

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