A to Z Antonyms Word List for CTET/UPTET Preparation

One Word Substitutions is one of the most important part of English section in UPTET/CTET. It usually covers good marks in every exam. Here we are going to full Package “Most repeated & Expected One Word Substitutions in alphabetical order”. If you like it let us know through comment.

A to Z Antonyms

absent – present
abundant – scarce
accept – decline, refuse
accurate – inaccurate
admit – deny
advantage – disadvantage
against – for
agree – disagree
alive – dead
all – none, nothing
ally – enemy

A TO Z अंग्रेजी में विलोम शब्द की पीडीएफ फ़ाइल डाऊनलोड करने के लिए

Download Complete Antonym Word List From A to Z Click Here

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