General knowledge First Female in India

General Knowledge – List of First Female in India

1.India’s first female Prime Minister-
Ans –Shrimati Indira Gandhi

2.India’s first female President-
Ans –Shrimati Pratibha Devi Patil

3.India’s first woman Speaker of Lok Sabha-
Ans–Meera kumar

4.India’s first female Member of Parliament-
Ans –Radhabai  Subarayan

5.India’s first female Governor-
Ans –Sarojini Naidu (Uttar Pradesh)

6.First female president of UPSC-
Ans–Roze Millian Bethew

7.India’s first  female ruler-
Ans –Razia Sultana

8.India’s first female I.A.S.-
Ans–Anna Rajam George

9.India’s first female I.P.S.-
Ans–Kiran Bedi

10.India’s first female Chief Minister-
Ans–Sucheta Kriplani (Uttar Pradesh)

11.India’s first female Central Minister-
Ans–Smt Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

12.First female Congress President-
Ans–Dr. Annie Besant

13. Supreme court of india’s First female judge-
Ans–Dr.Fatima Bibi

14.First female chief  judge of High Court-
Ans–Leela Seth (Himachal Pradesh)

15.India’s first female Sessions Judge-
Ans-Anna Chandy

16. The first Indian woman who received the Ashoka Chakra was-
Ans-Neerja Bhanot

17.First Indian Lady  Ambassador of the United Nations-
Ans –Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

18.The first Indian woman to swim across English Channel-
Ans–Aarti Saha

19.The first Indian woman to receive the Nobel  Prize-
Ans- Mother Teresa

20.The first Indian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest-
Ans-Bachendri Pal

21.Who was the first Miss World of India-
Ans–Reita Faria Powell

22.First woman to climb Everest peak twice in a row-
Ans–Santosh Yadav

23.The first Indian woman to become Miss Universe-
Ans–Sushmita Sen

24.First woman to be awarded the Bharat Ratna
Ans–Indira Gandhi

25.The first woman to get Jnanpith (Gyanpith) Award-
Ans-Ashapoorna Devi

26.The first woman to receive the Arjuna award-
Ans-Stephie D’Souza (hockey  1961)

27.India’s first woman to win an Olympic medal-
Ans-Karnam Malleswari (bronze/kansya)

28.First woman win both Arjun and Rajiv Gandhi khel Ratan award-
Ans-Kunjarani Devi

29.First woman mayor in india-
Ans-Tara Cherian

30.First female graduate-
Ans-Kadambini Ganguly and Chandramukhi Basu

31.The first Indian woman pilot in the Air Force-
Ans-Flight Lt. Harita Kaur Deol

32.First female pilot of Indian airlines –
Ans-Durba Banerjee (1956)

33.First Female Lieutenant General of India-
Ans-Punita Arora

34.First woman Air Vice Marshal-
Ans-P Bandopadhyay

35.First Lady Chairperson of Indian Airlines-
Ans-Sushma Chawla

36.The first Indian woman fly in space-
Ans –Kalpana Chawala

37.The first Indian woman to win an Oscar-
Ans-Bhanu Athaiya

38.First Indian Woman to win WTA Title     
Ans-Sania Mirza

39.First Indian Woman to win Gold in Asian Games     
Ans-Kamaljeet Sandhu

40.First Indian Woman President of INC     
Ans-Sarojini Naidu

41.First Indian Woman to Booker Prize     
Ans-Arundhati Roy

42.First Woman Musician to get Bharat Ratna     

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